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our hand, Echo glides smoothly all over for absolute pleasure. The seductive style and simple speed selection will allow you to experience everything from quiet seduction to strong sensations. The powerful battery will give you long lasting bliss on a single charge.


Benefits of silicone rubber for Sex Toys

With the increase consciousness for the use of eco-friendly materials, silicone rubber has became important in the manufacturing of many products, this is even more ideal for sex toys and baby toys.

Generally, toys made of 100% pure silicone are considered body safe and are non-toxic, it is stable and does not release any extractables even at high temperature. There are various grades to determine the quality of silicone rubber, Body-safe grade/ Food grade, follow by medical grade to sensitive medical equipments, and implant grade at the highest level.

Silicone matte surfaces have non-stick properties. They are stain resistant, anti-slip and anti-dust. This makes cleaning easy. It is lab proven that pure silicone material is non-porous, it can be completely sterilized as it is non-porous (or do not have micro-pores that harbors bacteria) This makes it the most superior material to be used for Sex Toys.

Silicone rubber is soft but may be stiffer than TPR (Thermal Plastic rubber) and relatively lightweight
Do not melt easily, Silicone is heat resistant up to 430°F / 220°C
Durable with high tensile strength that allows toys to recover from both stretching and crushing with no damage.
Full silicone rubber are usually odorless.

Cleaning your Silicone TOY?
Wash with warm water and mild soapy- preferably foamy kind, try not to wet electronic components. Easily  

It is important to note although silicone rubber is stable, it cannot be used with silicone based lubricant. It will deform when it comes into contact with silicone based lubricant and may cause it to fuse together. Usually only water-based lubricant is recommended!

Brand : Sqweel

  1. How it measures up

    • Length: 80 inches
  2. How it feels

    • Contains latex: No
    • Material: Soft Strapping
  3. Essential info

    • Fastening: Velcro


● Flexible head for use at any angle
● Enhanced friction texture design
● Small sixe,easy to carry along for traveling
● One key controls all your pleasure
● Silver cover design,hidding the charging port,elegant and luxurious
● Whisper quiet
●Waterproof,easy to clean
● Environmentally friendly ABS & ultra soft silicone material


Nova kegel balls are an expertly designed set of three different exercise balls to perform exercises with.

Each ball is equipped with a silicone string to easily take out the ball after use.

The entire Nova ball is made of body-safe silicone which is 100% waterproof. According to the kegel exercise theory, we designed these courses especially to help those who want to tighten their vaginal mucles before or after giving birth.

The set of Nova balls have three gradual increased weights for different exercise needs.

Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen a woman’ s PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle), improving vaginal health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction.

For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, Nova kegel balls are the perfect choice for your PC muscle strengthening needs.

  1. How it feels

    • Material: Polyester


● Smart remote control

● Prolong intercourse durability

● Designed specifically for couples

● Ultra soft & body-safe silicone

● Super powerful vibration

● 26 different sensational sexual experiences

● Environmentally friendly material



●SVAKOM Intelligent Mode
●26 Different Frequency Experiences
●Intelligent Remote Control
●Pinhole Charging, IPX4 Waterproof Design
●Designed With a String, Convenient to Use
●Small Size, Easy to Carry Along For Traveling
● Rechargeable
●Whisper Quiet


•Super powerful vibration
•Designed specifically for couples
•Whisper quiet
•Runs 1 hour on a 1 hour charge
•Body-safe silicone nodule pad designed for enhanced clitoral stimulation
•Ultra soft silicone ring that is stretchable for an easy and comfortable fit



● Powerful vibrations
● Targeted rolling G-spot stimulation
● Brand new clitoris massager design
● IPX4 Waterproof
● 35 different frequency experiences
● Made from environment friendly material
● Rechargeable



Material: ABS+
size: 80*42*51.6mm
Inner diameter of large circle:48mm
Inner diameter of small circle: 28mm
Weight: 40g
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Charging Time: 0.5h-0.8h
Using Time: 0.8-1h
Water Repellency: Waterproof
Vibrate Modes: 5
Intensities: 5



● Ribbed design for better stimulation
● Heating function
● Brand new clitoris massager design
● Ergonomic button position
● Powerful and long lasting vibration
● IPX4 Waterproof
● SVAKOM Intelligent Mode
● SVAKOM Logo at Both Side,Luxury Design
● 36+ different frequency experiences
● Made from environment friendly material
● Whisper Quiet
● Rechargeable


Product Features:

Material: body-safe silicone                               
Size: 156*40.5mm                                 
Battery Capacity: 300mAh                               
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery                         
Charging Time: 40 mins                              
Using Time: 1.5 hours                                       
Water Repellency: waterproof                            
Vibration Modes: 5
Intensities: 5
Twist Modes: 3



● Product Name: Ella 
● Material: Ultra soft silicone + Body-safe ABS
● Size: Φ33mm*215mm
● Weight: 60g
● Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery 
● Battery Capacity: 300mAh
● Charging Time: 1 hour
● Using Time: 2 hours 
● Water Repellency: Waterproof 
● Vibrate Modes: 11

About the product
  • The Womanizer Liberty is the perfect companion for women who are confident enough to go where nobody has gone before
  • Pleasure Air Technology allows you to experience a climax within a very short time, without you feeling over-stimulated or coming to rely on it
  • With a hygienic travel cover and six different levels of quiet stimulation, it adds mind-blowing experiences to every adventure you can imagine
  • 100% Waterproof ABS with soft touch finish body and body-safe silicone stimulation head Liberty is waterproof and easy to use with two buttons

Product Features:

●Camera Vibrator

●SVAKOM intelligent Mode

●Hidden lights

●Material: body-safe silicone

●Whisper quiet

●Rechargeable: Charging Time: 1.5 hours, Using Time: 2 hours




  • Bigger, Longer, Stronger for Couples’ Complete Satisfaction
  • Intensify the pleasure for both of you with the best vibrating cock ring available
  • Many Ways to Wear for More Adventurous Sex Turn TOR™ 2 up or down to enjoy in any position you choose
  • More Controllable Orgasms for More Intense Lovemaking Helps him explore his orgasm so his climax will be more intense
  • ully Rechargeable More power, less fuss
  • 100% Waterproof Perfect for the bath or shower
  • 6 Pleasure Settings 
  • From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse
  • Full Warranty Coverage 1-year coverage
About the product
  • The Womanizer Inside out is the first Womanizer that alongside our signature clitoral stimulation also offers a Vibrator for vaginal stimulation. The vibrator is curved for an easier reach of the G-Spot.
  • Soft pressure waves gently suck your clitoris resulting in a new kind of orgasm. 2 hours of battery life while it only takes a few minutes to climax. You do the math yourself: that's a lot of orgasms.
  • 100% Waterproof - Since the Womanizer is waterproof you can give your showerhead a rest and take your Womanizer into your shower with you.
  • 12 intensity & vibrating levels - Both functions have 12 different levels of intensity. The variety of different levels ensures that every woman finds the perfect settings for her. They can also be controlled separately.
  • Silent mode-Don't worry about any loud noises - from the device anyways. Stimulation heads in 2 sizes included. comes with a USB charging port. It is fully charged in 90 minutes. 7.5 x 2.5. Ins length - 4.25

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE : powerful clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

  • Pleasure Air™ Technology 
  • Stimulates your G-spot with a powerful motor – the most powerful currently available on the market.
  • Innovative Smart Silence™ function.
  • 12 intensity levels
  • 10 additional vibration modes
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Super soft silicone skin (hypoallergenic and medical grade)
  • Magnetic charging pins
  • High quality silk storage bag
  • Additional stimulation head size L
  • Dimensions: Whole toy: 8 inches length; 4.75 inches width G-spot arm: 3 inches insertable length; 1.25 inches width Colour: Bordeaux

Image result for we vibe discovery box collection




This kegel ball is designed to intensify pleasure. Start by inserting it into your vagina and squeezing. Over time, more muscle tone will mean more satisfying orgasms.


Using a toy to intensify your pleasure? Put a few drops of We-Vibe® Lube made by pjur® on it for the ultimate experience.


Incorporate this tickler into your fantasy play or tease it around your partner’s most sensitive zones for extra excitement.


Couples who work on romance report better sex lives. Have both by lighting this candle for romance, then using the massage oil it releases for increased intimacy.


(Not) seeing is believing. Have some fun by using this sash to blindfold your partner, or to restrain them ever so lightly while they let you do the exploring.


Pleasure belongs to those who choose adventure. Go bravely forth by rolling the dice, and trying out their sexy suggestions.